We Provide Hard Money
For New Orleans Area
Real Estate Investments

NOLA Hard Money provides investors with fast and secure funding for non-owner occupied investments

We work with investors in the southeastern Louisiana region to finance projects that fit a specific profile:

  • Maximum loan to value amount of 65%
  • Must be already owned by a corporation or investor
  • Can not be an owner-occupied residence
  • Has a clear exit plan

Our Typical Funding Process

65% loan to value maximum

We lend our own hard money in New Orleans up to 65% of a property’s appraised value. The process is simple: for any investment property we order the appraisal that you pay for. If we like the property, then we will lend up to 65% of its appraised value.

5 points for origination

The fees for our network matching services are five points on the total amount loaned and with the borrower paying for closing costs, appraisals and any needed legal fees. Typically we can receive, evaluate and fund suitable real estate projects within one-two weeks of contact.

15% avg annual interest

Our hard money lending terms are simple. We lend at 15% annually for no more than two years on investment properties. The loan will have a balloon payment due at the end of the term. Contact us for more information on loan terms and structuring your specific hard money loan.

Applying for funding is straight-forward: go to our application page and enter your contact information, property information, a recent appraisal and photos, and exit plan and our underwriting team will review it and contact you for follow-up, normally within 48 hours.

Important! We Can Only Lend To Investment Projects

We lend our own money and do not lend to owner-occupied residential dwellings under any circumstances. If you live in the property that you want to borrow against, we cannot lend you money for that purpose.

We lend a maximum of 65% of appraised value for investment properties (preferably held in the name of a company). Borrowers should verify that 65% of the property’s appraised value will be sufficient for their planning needs before contacting us. If you need more money than the 65% of appraised value for your property, we are not able to consider the loan.

Finally, we require a first position mortgage to proceed with the loan.

Successful applicants will be funded as quickly as possible and can expect even faster borrowing cycles for future loans.

About Us

NOLA Hard Money is led by a group of investors with deep roots in the New Orleans real estate market and active in it for more than 30 years.

We have an eye for value and build long-term relationships with our clients. We strongly believe that the best marketing comes from current customers who refer their associates to us, so we strive to deliver exceptional customer service for maximum word-of-mouth marketing potential.